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We Are Back! TortureGame3.org is a website where you will discover the biggest collection of torture games. Welcome and have a great time playing the most popular violent and bloody games :)
Most games that are available today have a predictable outcome; a hero and a villain where the hero always wins the day. Everyone wants to be the good guy but sometimes there is something in us that tells us that we have to inflict some pain to feel better. That's the chance to you get when you play torture game 3. You have a ragdoll at your mercy to do with it whatever you please using the most grotesque of weapons. It is even more fun torturing a naked victim.

There are many weapons at your disposal and each one serves a slightly different purpose with the end result of inflicting pain. You can use the grab to tear apart the limbs of the ragdoll or the bolt if you instead wish to pin it to a wall. If you have ever wanted to be the hangman, this is your chance at playing one. Use the rope to hand the victim and watch on with fun as it dangles on the rope.Now if you don't have time to pin the ragdoll to the wall or tear it apart limb after limb, you can do it swiftly but as you wish using the different types of gun. If you have ever wanted how the assassins felt in those bloody films you like watching, this is one chance at playing assassin. You can use a pistol to shoot your captive or if you want to give several shots, a shot gun is there for you. You could even blow them up using the AK-47 rifle.

You can make fun of the captive by painting them any color you want. If you don't paint the captive directly, you can paint their background. Taunt the captive by changing the color of the paint as often as possible. You could draw even draw on the captive using the blade of a razor or knife. What about chopping off their limbs with a chain saw and dragging them around.

When you are so stressed out from all life has to offer, you need something entirely different from daily routine. When you are so annoyed at someone you feel like tearing them apart, you can vent out your frustration by playing torture game 3. At least you are sure you can chop off heads and limbs without any risk of being arrested. By the time you are finished chopping off the ragdoll, the anger you felt at your friend or neighbor would have been dissipated and you'd be ready to continue business as usual.
This game is actually well suited for adults and kids should not be encouraged to play. Even as adults, always remember to separate the game from real stuff. Use the game as a way of relieving you from stress and not as a way of practicing what to do on your friend. The game is now available on android and you can play it when commuting to and from work. It can be downloaded online an easily accessible for many with android smartphones. Remember that gaming should not become an addiction and whenever you play, always try to play responsibly